About Us

Bacteriophage Analytical-Diagnostic Center “Diagnosi-90” Ltd, was established in 1990 by leading scientists of the G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology. Founders: M.M.D. Professor Inga Giorgadze, B.M.D. Nana Topuria-Nakaidze and B.M.D. Mikheil Megrelishvili. Their mission was to facilitate the correct and timely diagnosis and treatment of pathologies for both physicians and patients.Today the company has 37 employees, including 8 PhDs.
Over the years, the Center’s research list has grown and perfected, not only through the recruitment of highly qualified staff but also through the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and new test systems. At present, our center conducts: bacteriological, virological, immunological, serological, biochemical and general clinical analyzes.We serve not only the population of Georgia, but also foreign patients. The latter is serviced both locally and remotely. In addition, our priority is to raise the professional level of young microbiologists, as well as to work with students and residents.The center is actively involved in a wide range of bacteriological studies in various fields, such as: drinking and pool water, operating and storage areas, veterinary medicine and more. Our center is involved in the state program COVID-19 diagnostics. We offer patients a wide range of tests provided by the state guideline. The center has been awarded the ISO standard, protocols of internal and external laboratory standards have been developed.Materials required for research are mainly obtained from ISO standard organizations. Safety rules are strictly observed in the laboratory. The accuracy and consistency of the studies conducted should also be considered.