A variety of analyzes Bacterial, Virological, Immunological, Serological, Biochemical, Molecular and Clinical analysis
Unique Services Bacteriophage susceptibility testing and planning of treatment
Modern Equipment Modern equipment ensures high accuracy of our results and positive outcome of treatment
About us

The Eliava Diagnostic Center was established in 1990 by the leading scientists of "The George Eliava Institute of the Bacteriophages, Microbiology, and Virology" - Professor Inga Giorgadze M.D., Nana Topuria P.h.D., and Mikheil Megrelishvili. We specialize in medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. In 2008 diagnostic center with few other companies joined the "Eliava Foundation" - a non-profit organization established by "The George Eliava Institute of the Bacteriophages, Microbiology, and Virology".

Our team

Lia Tkemaladze - Manager

Nana Topuria Nakaidze - Manager

Tamar katukia - Bacteriologist/Quality manager

Elene Akhalaia - Laboratory Assistant

Nana Sabauri - Laboratory Assistant

Manana Kharebashvili - Phlebotomist

Manana Tabidze - Laboratory Assistant

Tsitsino Jabidze - Laboratory Assistant

Maka Balanchivadze - Bacteriologist

Marina Darsavelidze- Bacteriologist

Nana Cholokashvili - Bacteriologist

Marina Giorgadze - Bacteriologist